Welcome to RideTEGO

A Rideshare Company with a difference

Welcome to TEGO Ridesharing App

TEGO is a transportation service app that allows a passenger to get a reliable driver to pick them up in just minutes with a simple click. It can be easily accessed from both Android and iOS devices.

Our transportation model gives each passenger the option of choosing the vehicle type that is most suitable for their trip. Our wide variety of vehicles are grouped into categories like TEGO-Standard, TEGO-Excel, TEGO-Luxury, TEGO-SUV, TEGO-Medical, and TEGO-Interstate....

As soon as a rider selects the class of vehicle he or she needs and sets the pickup location and destination, our system calculates a fare estimate. If the amount fits the rider's budget he simply clicks accept and in a good time, the driver will arrive at the pickup location. At the end of the trip, the system calculates the trip cost based on distance and time.

You can track the status of the driver on the app using the built-in map, so there is no need to worry. If the driver is going the wrong direction, it's easy to redirect him. Moreover, TEGO provides easy access to live customer service when our website is unable to provide the needed assistance.

TEGO’s model of ridesharing transportation not only creates flexible employment opportunities for thousands of drivers and vehicle owners, but also makes business owners achieve their goals. The way to the top is to sign up as a 'BUSINESS BUILDER' and diligently follow the principles taught at the training sessions. Each business builder is given the opportunity to grow with the company, so no one is left behind.

There is nothing as exciting as being a business owner with unlimited earning potential.

How TEGO Online Transportation Services Works

TEGO as an online based transportation service, operates with the latest information technology in order to ensure safety, efficiency and simplicity. A rider ready to take a trip within our operational area can simply download the TEGO app. Our secured site protects your personal information as much as possible. The information required helps ensure your safety.

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Rewards with us
  • A rider opens the app
  • A rider requests a ride
  • The nearest driver is matched with the rider
  • The driver picks up the rider
  • The driver takes the rider to the destination
  • The driver and rider leave ratings and reviews
Your safety is
always a top priority
  • All vehicles are periodically inspected to ensure they are in very good mechanical state.
  • TEGO provides incentives in the form of bonuses to support drivers' regular vehicle maintenance.
  • Zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use.
  • Adequate insurance coverage for both drivers and riders while on duty.
  • A background check which ensures that TEGO does not engage any driver or rider with criminal records.
  • Complaints from customers are promptly investigated to disqualify drivers/riders whose conduct may pose a danger to the safety of others.
TEGO is a Lifestyle and not Business

With TEGO Systems1, the sky is the limit. The first step to success with TEGO is to become a member of our family. Whichever way you team up with TEGO, you will be able to earn money, by either residual or passive income.

TEGO Systems rewards qualifying independent Business Builders with an exceptionally generous Compensation Plan. This plan rewards hard work. Our Reward system is second to none in the Direct Selling Industry, which makes us your perfect choice.

You can help build TEGO if you are:
  • Someone who has a burning desire for real success.
  • Someone who needs extra Income.
  • Anyone who needs a business of his own without huge capital investment.
  • Anyone who desires financial security.
  • Someone who wants to fire their boss.
  • Someone who wants to be financially independent.
The simplicity of
TEGO Systems Business Model
  • Highly rewarding.
  • Can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • Can be done on your mobile phone.
  • NOT Capital Intensive.
What you need to be
successful with TEGO?
  • Desire for a change.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Ability to empower others.
  • Dreams & aspirations.
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